The light of Xibalba.
Mexico: 2020 - 2021
Xibalba is the name given by the Maya K’iche ’ to world below the surface of the earth. It sits under our feet. This underworld is : the Cenotes, the caverns  and the caves of the Mayan world. Home of the lords of death, Xibalba collects the souls of the Mayans and takes them at the level of divinity.
The perpetual struggle of light against darkness, of life against death. Cenotes (Ts’ono’ot in Maya), Portal where a fantastic interplay of light and darkness takes place. Nothing is life, nothing is dead, everything is nuance.
Transcribe the nuances, colors, shadows and the grandiosity of the place and the emotion of this unique world, is not easy.
The panoramic format was imposed on me without concession by the place. I had to carry a heavy tripod to fix my camera to it to ensure the long exposures, necessary to capture all the emotion of the cave.

Heavenly Antechamber

The Colossus, Guardian of Light

Green window

Light and shadow

Sulfur Mist

The jade eye

Struggle of the Light

Light curtain

Ghostly Raft

The Eye of Tsuuk Kaan

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