David Mayor is an instructor, explorer, cartographer and cave diving photographer, he was born in Toulouse (France) in 1973.
He discovered photography at the same time as scuba diving in 1986 in France. In 1998 he became a diving instructor and made it his job, his love of the underwater world led him to explore different aspects of the discipline, underwater photography, biology, archeology and scuba diving. The dark world of flooded caves attracted him to the point of start living in Mexico, specifically on the Yucatan Peninsula in 2010. He taught cave diving but also explored, mapped and photographed the cavities of the region.
A large part of these images stood in slide boxes and he remained for many years being a photographer without a camera. Composing these future photos in his head to perhaps one day put them on photographic paper.
The time has come to concretize and put into image the vision of the world that he is surrounded by, to explore all the ways to convey a message, an emotion, a reflection. To sink into the darkness to better appreciate the light, to take the opposite view of the societies that shape us, to capture a real or unreal moment and provoke an inner questioning.
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